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The most engaging, but still safe, action-packed experience at sea! Get your energy levels up during an exciting ride on the waves along the stunning West-Coast, enjoying the magic sceneries.

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Get inspired by the beautiful landscapes as you stop to catch your breath and fully take in the scenery. It is here you truly get in touch with the enchanting surroundings and all that is real. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a majestic eagle gliding through the air or a seal, eager to catch some sun along the fjord’s mountain ledges.

This RIB boat experience will most certainly get the adrenaline rushing through your veins!

At the peer in Vågen, close to the Fishmarket, you will meet our crew and they will dress you up in comfortable suits and lifejackets for your safety and comfort. After a safety brief, you will enter the boat and find a soft, comfy seat to sit on. We have waterproof bags for your luggage and personal belongings. You can hold your camera ready during the ride. The trips starts slowly along the beautiful harbor of Stavanger and when we pass under the brigde, the RIB will speed up, and we will cruise at 30-35 knots (60 km/h) towards the amazing fjords. You will be able to enjoy the mountains and waterfalls surrounding the Lysefjord from the seaside, and if we are lucky we will get a glimpse of wild animals like seals, porpoises and sea eagles. The highlights of the journey is the narrow gap into the Vagabond Cave and view the Pulpit Rock from sea level. After a breathtaking ride close to the steep, tall rocks, we head back to Stavanger, where our adventure ends in the very centre of Stavanger, where the trip started.

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